Why Share Just One Link—When You Can Share a Whole Idea?

Typical sharing tools have all sorts of limits.

You can put endless information into a Popdoc and share it with one click.

Humans Aren't Productive in Fragments

We love social media.  But we also love to collect information, to develop our own thoughts and ideas, and to keep and share work.

Popdocs are little content containers that expand as you fill them.

Everything you create is stored in your library, and you can collaborate or publish with one click.

The best part? Popdocs are so simple to use that they fit right into your life.

Where Did You Put Your Information?

Every user gets a free Popdocs Home Page, so you can find your Popdocs at any time, from anywhere.  

Popdocs are made for work, family, community, and schooling.  Everywhere you need to share information.

Popdocs Represent You

For even your smallest share, you can include personal branding information. Add a link to your website, the rest of your ideas, your Patreon site. 

All too often, a share is the end of a conversation. People can follow Popdocs, so a share is only the beginning.

Distance Living and Working 

Be Noticed

Popdocs are filled with valuable information that people often want to keep using.

Be Found

Ordinary links display and disappear.  Pops live in your personal Popdocs.io/MyPops Home Page. 

Be Remembered

Naturally friendly, Popdocs are made to

be followed and shared.

The Easiest Collaboration in Town

Quick — how do you collaborate online?  Popdocs lets you create a Popdoc and simply add a collaborator. You can both immediately see changes, and you can publish the result with one click!

Being Effective Online is More Important Than Ever

Popdocs share easily in any app or service with nothing to download or buy. They  unlock hidden value within your ordinary shares. Build your visibility, reputation, and ideas while you share. 

Popdocs is made for work, family, community, and schooling.  Everywhere you need to share information.

How Do You Use Popdocs?

I use Popdocs as a project overview. No matter what app or service, we can put them into one Popdoc. Everyone can see what's going on.

I use Popdocs to write down ideas and comments during phone calls or Zoom meetings -- and follow up later with people.

We use Popdocs to create custom directions for our volunteers who pick up donated food. 

We use Popdocs as a daily microblog.

I use Popdocs to send out medical updates for my son in the hospital.

I use Popdocs to organize information for students I tutor.  I include calendar items, action items, zoom links, links to where the work is online, links to videos explaining how to do things, and links to apps they can use.

The Place to Put Stuff

Popdocs are the information sharing tool made for the modern world. 

Popdocs help you