The Popdocs Story

The Popdocs team works with a lot of information.  We live in Slack and various project management tools.  We Tweet. We message. We Zoom.

With all the brilliant, super-fast products for sharing single posts and messages in the world, why do we still struggle with organizing and managing the information we deal with every day?

What We Hear:

  • People use a lot of time trying to simply find their information.
  • People are frustrated at having to use old-fashioned documents when they really want a document that looks more like Facebook.
  • Our mobiles give us unequalled access to information, but we're supposed to remember where hundreds of fragments and projects live: which document, which app, which file.
  • People want to keep track of what they're sharing with others, and to be able to find, edit, and collaborate around it.

It's past time that we had a tool to help all of us just deal with our information. For people who find interesting things in their message stream or on the internet, and want to send, build upon, collaborate with, and share that information later on.  

We think that normal people, doing normal information stuff deserves a great tool.

So we made the solution. 


  • Fit neatly between messages/Slack, and big-scale documents.  
  • Designed for small- to mid-sized information.
  • Effortlessly support your information needs.
  • Solves your biggest information problems, including Where's My Information? and sharing, creating, publishing, &quick-collaboration.
  • Designed to support how people interact with modern information, including clipping, grazing, messaging, and browsing.  

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Gather Links From Anywhere

Popdocs let you create a  shareplace with your content, and links to any app, link, or resource that you need.  Tired of jumping from app to app? Create a Popdoc for the project, and put everything you need into it!