Popdocs Give You
Sharing Superpowers 

Popdocs are smart, friendly, shareable content containers that fit neatly between messages and documents. Find, develop, and share information instantly.  

Popdocs Work with All Your Information

Popdocs are created for today's world. They let you gather any type of digital information together. Your resources, your ideas, all your apps. Pops share easily in any app or service with nothing to download or buy. And best of all, they add value to the actions you do every day. Build your visibility, reputation, and ideas while you share. 

Publish Your Information YOUR Way!

Popdocs lets you publish your information as a microsite, as a scrollable story, a board, or anything else.  Popdocs publish as a simple URL that you can send anywhere. Or you can add collaborators instantly.

It's Time to Add Superpowers to How You Handle Information

Instead of just forwarding on a link, forward on a well-crafted idea.  Include your portfolio. Or a whole list of resources! Add pictures, present things better, and keep your work, to develop and use again.

Build your visibility, reputation, and ideas while you share.




A place to keep and publish your notes, links, ideas, media, and more. 

Gather Links From Anywhere

Popdocs let you create a  shareplace with your content, and links to any app, link, or resource that you need.  Tired of jumping from app to app? Create a Popdoc for the project, and put everything you need into it!