Popdocs Give You Sharing Superpowers

Don't make people sit through endless posts or messages. Send a friendly, fun Popdoc instead.

Popdocs are the new, expanding tool for your links, ideas, media, and project information -- virtually anything that you need to share.

Messages are great -- but they stream out of sight. Put your information into a Popdoc, and Share a Pop microsite instead of a link. Send people to your Pops Home page, to see all of your published microsites.

Use Popdocs for work, family, community, and schooling.  Any time you need to collect, develop, and share information.

A Place to Build Content

We built Popdocs because we were tired of losing our information. Like you, we had hundreds of information fragments flying around.

Popdocs gives you a place to put your information, your ideas, and your content to good use!

Gather Links From Anywhere

Popdocs let you create a  shareplace with your content, and links to any app, link, or resource that you need.  Tired of jumping from app to app? Create a Popdoc for the project, and put everything you need into it!

Each Published Pop is a Real Microsite

You can create a Pop microsite in two minutes.  Keep adding to your Pop after it's published - it updates instantly. 

Your Own Publishing Home on the Internet!

Send people to your Pops home page to see your published microsites.

Publish whatever you want on your free Home Page at Popdocs.io. Share everything from recipes to your projects and portfolio.  

The Perfect Bundle of Information

Be Heard

Popdocs are filled with valuable information that people often want to keep using.

Be Found

Ordinary links display and disappear.  Pops live in your personal Popdocs.io/MyPops Home Page. 


Naturally friendly and personalized, Popdocs are made to be followed and shared. 

Make Your Life Easier

Popdocs share easily in any app or service with nothing to download or buy. They  unlock hidden value in what you do every day. Build your visibility, reputation, and ideas while you share.