Where's Your Information?

Drowning in information fragments? Use Pops to turn them into easy-understand, easy-share microsites. Pops let you instantly create content, communicate, and collaborate. For work, home, and school.

Life is more than thousands of messages, flowing by 

Ideas and value come from collected information.  Bring value to shared lists and resources by adding your own writing -- or inviting collaborators.  Pops is a brand new way of communicating.

Pops are a smart new way to collect, develop, and share information.

Communicate Better

Share excerpts and your ideas

Find Your Information

Put your bookmarks, files, videos in a Pop

Express  Yourself

Create useful, usable content.

Bring More Value to Your Communications

Make better sense of shared content. Instead of posting a single link, photo, or video, wrap your information in a Pop and share deeper understanding and richer experiences. 

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